Stremio APK v1.6.12 Free Download | Latest Version [48.5MB]

Stremio APK is an app to watch and organize Movies, TV Series, YouTube Channels, and other Video Content.

Experience the ultimate modernized media technology with Stremio APK. It is an application that provides the streaming ability of movies, TV series, and other videos. Everything here can be enjoyed at any time, from anywhere at no cost at all.


Stremio APK Download For Android

Stremio Apk v1.6.12 ARM Download [48.5MB]

APK NameStremio
Latest Versionv1.6.12
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Installation of the Stremio APK file into an Android device will require some extra steps. But it is not that complex. Follow the steps given correctly to download it without hassle.

  1. At first, check on the settings to confirm that the device allows third-party application downloads
  2. So go to settings followed by security
  3. Then click on the unknown sources function
  4. This will allow downloading APK files
  5. After that, click on the given link and download the Stremio APK file
  6. After downloading, check the downloads to find the file
  7. Then Click on the file and tap on ‘Install’
  8. Wait for the completion of the installation process
  9. Finally, it’s ready to use

What is Stremio APK?

Stremio APK is an application that people can use to watch all the available movies, TV series, and other videos on a single platform. It acts as a third-party platform that directs to different sites within the application to enjoy the videos and other entertainment content.

There is no need to download things separately in order to enjoy them. Stremio App has the ability to stream content even using torrent files without downloading them. Everything here is reliable and safe to use.

Users have the ability to access a huge library of entertaining content that they can enjoy in the same place. From a new release movie to an episode of a tv series, Stremio APK is ready to serve you!

stremio apk


There are some amazing features that separate Stremio APK from other streaming applications. This is why this application has become in demand among people.

Ability to access content from many sources

Stremio App is able to provide access to a huge collection of movies, TV series, and other videos from popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. The users are able to enjoy content from different sources under the same roof.

Customizable Suggestions

At the first login to Stremio Apk, users will be asked to select a minimum of three categories that they are interested in. These preferences will be used to suggest content. 

As users continue using the Stremio Apk, the suggestions will get refined by tracking the watched videos.


This Stremio Apk has integrated add-ons and other plugins into the application in order to make accessing content easy. Add-ons simply give information about contents from different sources. This is helpful in keeping track of favorite movies and tv series.


Stremio APK has an impressive speed. It gives a smooth and unbuffered experience compared to other streaming applications. The application delivers a smooth and hassle-free experience to the users.


With easy navigation and a user-friendly interface, Stremio APK does play a huge role. You have to only download the application. There’s no need to download anything else.

Everything including add-ons is within the Stremio Apk. Everything is simplified in the application.

Personal Library

Stremio APK allows users to create a personal library that includes a collection of their favorite movies and series. It is easy to access and track them this way. You can remove or add things anytime you want.


The Stremio Apk is compatible and works well with IOS, Android, Windows, and other operating systems. There are also other methods that can be used such as an emulator to run the app on the devices that don’t support the application directly. It is a very smooth-running application that can give a seamless experience even on the oldest devices.

Rich Contents

Stremio APK provides all the videos and tv series in the highest video and audio quality. From 4k to 120p, you can select any quality of your choice depending on the network and connection.


To keep track of the movies and series watched, the calendar feature can be used. It will show the watch history records with the date and time of what you have watched. And it can also inform you of the release dates of new episodes of your favorite TV series as well as upcoming movies.


Stremio APK supports subtitles on all of the videos and it has over 25 different languages to choose from. All the subtitles are real-time retrieved and it’s all completely free.

The size of the text, background, outline colors, as well as font, can be changed according to the user’s preference. 


If you want to use Stremio on multiple devices, then syncing the application across several devices can be done. By logging in to the application with the same account, you can sync the application that includes all your watch histories, favorites, and library. This will help you to continue watching something that you have paused on a different device without having to fast forward them.

Smart Search

Can’t remember the movie’s name? But do you still know the main actor? Nothing to worry about. With the smart searching system, you can type the name of an actor, director, or anything related to the movie or tv series that can narrow down the search and help you to easily find the movie or the tv series.


You can rate any movie or tv series that is available on Stremio APK after watching. This will be helpful to someone else to decide whether to watch it or not. 

Supports Torrents

Stremio APK is one of the platforms that supports streaming through torrents. Instead of downloading through torrents, content can be directly streamed by using torrents. 

This option gives a wide range of options to stream content that also allow access to files restricted to only some of the streaming platforms.


Users of Stremio APK are able to turn on push notification features. By doing this, they can get notified on newly released movies and tv series, a newly aired episode of a tv series that they are watching, new add-ons, and even updates on the application.

If someone doesn’t need to get these notifications, then they can turn it off through the settings.

How To Use Stremio APK?

If Stremio App is new to you, here’s a small guide to take you through how to use it.

When you enter the Stremio Apk first, you can see a list of movies and tv series with pictures displayed. There are four main tabs on the top of the app: board, discover, my library, and Calendar. The first displaying tab is ‘discover’.

If you click on any movie, then the sources that you can watch will come to the screen on the right side. This is where you will need to install add-ons. If you haven’t downloaded any add-ons, only Netflix and Amazon Prime will be shown as options. If there’s no subscription to any of these, add-ons should be downloaded.

Installing add-ons

There are some popular Stremio add-ons that are available for safety installation. However, the selection of add-ons is limited.

The installation process of add-ons is an easy process. To begin, click on the puzzle piece icon in the top right corner. A screen with add-ons will appear. The top left will show the categories of add-ons. Select the add-ons of your choice and click on the install button to add them to the Stremio Apk. 

After installation, go back to the display tab and search for a particular movie. Click on the movie and a menu with all the add-ons installed will pop up. Stremio APK will scan and check for the availability of the movie in all the add-ons and give a list of the available platforms. You can select a source from this list to stream the movie or the series.

Remote Stream

Stremio APK is not an ordinary streaming platform. It comes with a few advanced features. If you want to watch a movie from Stremio APK with a different device that the user hasn’t downloaded the app, of course, you can!

All you have to do is enable remote HTTPS connections. Remote streaming supports this option. To do this, go to the settings and then switch to the streaming tab.

On the right side, a pane will appear. From there, select ‘enable remote HTTPS connections’. Expand the menu and select an IP address. Then a new option as ‘streaming HTTPS endpoint’ will appear. There will be a URL inside the box next to it.

You can copy and paste the URL on another device to access the application remotely and watch content on another device. Make sure that the Stremio APK on the original device is still on while you are watching.


Stremio APK also comes with an in-built calendar. This calendar is able to keep records of what you are watching. It can have a history of the users watched list so far and let you know if a new episode available to watch. You can sync every movie or tv show into this calendar in order to receive notifications.

To do this, go to ‘tv shows’ from the Discover tab. Import the list of tv series from the library. You can also import a list from Facebook if you have liked the pages of the tv series.

Once you add the list to the calendar, you will receive notifications and updates on all of the tv shows. You can also import this calendar into the device by subscribing to the Stremio APK calendar.

Safety And Legality

Stremio APK is completely safe to use. It is an open software. So it allows the public to go into the application and audit the code. So it can be reviewed by anyone.

The Stremio Apk respects the privacy of all users. Therefore, it does not collect any information including personal and sensitive data to create or synchronize the account.

You can enable the offline availability feature only if you like since it requires caching the device. So if you want to use Stremio APK offline, you can go to the settings panel and do the relevant settings accordingly.

All these safety precautions followed by Stremio APK claim the application to be safe. 

So it will protect the users while letting them entertain.

Is Stremio APK legal?. Yes of course! The application is available to download free of charge on application platforms. So it’s legal.

Most of the add-ons here are also legal and official. Some add-ons are legal streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and YouTube. You can install these without a doubt.

Try to refrain from downloading illegal add-ons that require a third-party application to download. These can contain pirated or copyrighted material. So it’s quite not safe to use them. Be mindful and alert on what you are using and doing inside the Stremio Apk to protect your safety.


Does Stremio APK require VPN?

Yes. Because when using the application with a VPN can protect the device and the user by keeping the identity covered.

The movie shows ‘no streams were found’. Why?

It means that none of the installed add-ons do not allow watching the particular movie. In that case, a new add-on can be installed and tried.

Is Stremio APK a paid application? 

No. It’s an open-source application that you can use completely free.

Does Stremio APK use storage?

Yes. Stremio APK requires storage to store the application as well as other extras such as add-ons.

Final Thoughts

Stremio APK has become one of the most famous streaming platforms among people. Because this has special features and choices for all users who are looking for an amazing entertainment experience.

If anyone is looking for a streaming application that has speed, easy to use interface, and a diverse selection of content, then Stremio App will be the best to choose from.

Discover the ultimate world of streaming and entertaining completely free with Stremio APK!