How To Use Stremio Apk?

Stremio APK allows you to stream online for free. You can watch movies, Television shows, and web series with it. It is a very user-friendly app that anybody can use.

However, at first, you might need some directions to guide you. This can help optimize your experience with Stremio. It brings some special features like add-ons, Stremio Calendar, etc. These could be new to you and hence, unfamiliar. But with some guidance, it all will be simple and normal.

How to Login?

how to stremio apk sign up

Once you install Stremio APK to your device, you have to log in to it. To do this, first, you should open the app by clicking on its icon.

If you do not have an account and you are new to Stremio, you need to Sign up. To do this, tap on the “Sign up” button which you find on the Login screen. Enter your username and set a password. Please enter your email address and complete creating the user profile.

Now go back to the welcome page and tap on “Login”. Give your username and password. If you tick the “Remember me” option, you will not have to re-enter them every time you open the app.

Finally, click on the “Login” button. The home page of Stremio will then appear to you.

How to Watch Movies and TV Shows?

how to watch movies and tv shows in stremio

It is very simple to watch movies and TV shows that you prefer from Stremio Apk. It has a very user-friendly interface.

When you first open the app, you will see its home page. Go to the “Discover” tab. There the lists of movies and TV-shows can be viewed. You can scroll sideways under each category to find out what you want. Stremio consists of vast libraries of this entertaining content. Those are grouped according to genre, trending level, your personal watch list, and the recommended ones. 

If you find it difficult to watch what you are looking for, the search bar is there to help you. Just like in many other apps, you can just type in the keywords of your choice there. It will display the matching results instantly.

Once you choose a movie or a show, you can find its description, genres, casts and an overview in brief. You have the options of saving it to your watch list, playing it, sharing it and rating it beneath the theme picture.

Simply select what you want to do and enjoy watching what you like. 

You can also find the set of properties of the video that you can adjust under “Settings”. This appears only when you start playing a movie or an episode. The quality, subtitles, brightness, volume, play speed and screen resizing are available under “Settings”.

Using Stremio Add-ons

how to use stremio add-ons

Sometimes you could find videos that need Netflix or Amazon subscriptions. In those cases, you will have to get Stremio Add-ons to proceed. 

You can download Add-ons by tapping on the icon at the top-right corner of your screen shaped like a puzzle piece. You will see a list to select what type of Add-on you are looking for. Please select the correct Add-ons as required by the video and click “Install”.

Once these have finished downloading and installing, you can use the add-ons and watch the videos the way you want.

Streaming with Stremio Remotely

If you are far away from your device that has Stremio installed, you still can enjoy its benefits. This capability is very helpful when using a device like a Smart TV or other devices that cannot support Stremio. 

For this, you should turn on HTTP connections from that relevant device. This can be done from the “Settings” on your device. Open “Settings” and go to the “Streaming” tab. There will be an option called “Enable remote HTTPS connections” on your right-hand side. And right next to this option, you will find a URL. By clicking on it you can watch the video you selected.

However, please make sure that both devices are switched on and connected until you have finished watching. You should also not move the devices very far away from each other. This way, you can use a device that does not have Stremio to watch Stremio videos.

Watch History and Search History

To ensure that what you search and find at one time is not lost later, you can add them to your watch list. But if you fail to do so, there is a helper known as “Trakt” which will help Stremio to remember the history of your actions. 

If it is difficult to find Trakt, you may search for it under the add-ons. By installing Trakt, you will not lose any content you would like. 

However, the users will have to create a Trakt account and log in to it first. First, you have to open Trakt on your browser and complete the Signup process to later open it with Stremio. Now go back to your app’s Settings and select “Authenticate” for “Trakt scrobbling”.

The main ability of Trakt is to record your actions. When you open this, you will be able to see the videos you opened, you searched for, and the ones you partially watched. These will be listed according to the date and time they were accessed. 

Calendar Reminders

If you want to keep watching a TV show in which all the episodes are not yet released, Stremio Apk can find the exact day that you will get it. It will display this date on its calendar with the name of the movie or the show on it. 

There is an option called “Subscribe to Calendar” in the top-right icon of your screen. Enable this and your calendar will be active.

Trakt can help you remember the list of movies and shows you are interested in. It will also send your device a notification regarding the latest updates of each.

You may also combine this calendar with your device calendar. You can visualize all the dates of video release on your device, even while you are offline.

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